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What you Get by Hiring Us

Consent To Appoint Registered Agent

We will provide you with the document neccessary to file your new or existing company.

Change Of Agent

If you choose to switch to us, we will file the appropriate forms with the secretary of state.


You can use our address on public filings as approved by Wyoming statutes.


How soon will I receive my documents?

You can expect to receive your docuents within 24 hours after ordering.

Do you offer mail forwarding?

At this time we do not offer mail forwarding. Most other companies offer “free mail forwarding” with 5 pieces of mail. They often do not disclose that these free mail forwarding results in your private mail being opened and scanned before being emailed. We want to ensure your privacy is 100% secure with us.

Do you offer phone service?

We do not offer phone service. Google Voice is currently free for personal use.

How soon will I see changes with the secretary of state?

If you are switching to us, you will receive your consent form within 24 hours. The state usually takes about 15 business days to post changes to their online database.

Do I have to use your address on filings?

During checkout you have the option using using either our address or yours  for both principal and business address.

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